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People often ask me why we are called Barton’s.  I had been managing Corbett’s Bookshop in the Swan Centre, Leatherhead for 10 years; when this was put up for sale my wife Josephine bought it to ensure I had a job. After all who else would employ me?

We had to move the business to Bridge Street and change the name. Should it be “Bridge Books”, “The Valley Bookshop”, “Mole Books” or even “Leatherhead Books”? Nothing seemed quite right - we wanted a traditional and well-respected name like “Blackwell’s”, Foyle’s, or a similar eponymous title.

Then in a stroke of genius I thought we should name it after me. Unfortunately, “Snell’s Bookshop” just has no ring to it. However, Josephine’s family name is Barton and she is the last member of her family line. Since she bought the business it seemed fitting to name it after her. By a strange twist of fate some 25 years earlier Josephine, with some help from her father, had planned to open her own bookshop in Lancashire which would have been called Barton’s Bookshop”.

So,Barton’s Bookshop” was born. It was nicely alliterative and “B” is a big fat letter, perfect for a logo. It didn’t hurt that we now featured high in alphabetical listings; but best of all it was a good, solid, respectable, traditional name which, for many people, evokes memories of an old radio show - ”Dick Barton Special Agent”.

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an independent, family-run bookshop.

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2 Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey. KT22 8BZ

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